Beyond the Bell - Great South Coast Education Attainment Project


The Great South Coast Education Attainment Project, Beyond the Bell, is one of the Great South Coast Group's top priority projects.

These priority projects have been singled out becuase of their importance to our region and their genuine potential to have a bearing on the quality of life and wellbeing of our people. 


Workshops May-June

Beyond the Bell Great South Coast invites Local Action Group members, partners and stakeholders to participate in two workshops:
1. How do you measure success?
2. Using action research to learn and adapt

These two workshops will be delivered by the Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

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Regional Action Plan

A regional action plan to improve the Great South Coast’s education attainment rates has been released.

The plan, developed as part of the ‘Beyond the Bell’ Collective Impact initiative, identifies where the region will focus its efforts over the next three years, including how it will measure success and what actions need to be taken.  

Great South Coast Regional Action Plan

Local Area Action Plans

Beyond the Bell is a long-term initiative that took account of the varied and often complex factors that affected educational outcomes.

To date, hundreds of people across the region had been involved in the development of the regional plan and six local community action plans - one in each of the six Great South Coast local government areas.


Project Purpose and Mission
Beyond the Bell is an ambitious, ground breaking initiative that seeks to lead a cultural shift in the way communities and service providers work to support our young people. Ultimately the project aims to improve young people's chances of attaining Year 12 or equivalent and better prepare them for a successful transition to the next phase of their lives.

Our Vision: Our community is a leader in working together to enable our young people to succeed. We will know we have succeeded when we have 90% or more of our young people achieving Year 12 or equivalent ( Certificate III*) by 2030.



Why is the Project Important?
Young people in the Great South Coast region are more likely to drop out of school than their peers in other areas, face significant health and social disadvantages and are struggling to make successful transitions into employment. This is having a serious impact on the well-being of our community.

Our rates of completion of Year 12 or equivalent (equivalent meaning Certificate II or above) are some of the lowest in Victoria, but through this project the community is joining forces to reverse the trend.

Improving rates of educational attainment will benefit the whole of the Great South Coast community. It will assist in building a more skilled and resilient workforce, reduce reliance on our health, emergency and social services and improve the ability of our region to prosper socially and economically.

Project Goals

1. All young people from conception to adulthood are supported by family and community to reach their optimal potential.
2. All children and young people are supported to maximise their participation in education.
3. All young people are able to make a successful transition to further education, training or into employment that may include ongoing education.
4. Our community values the critical role of parents in shaping the learning and development of their children.
5. Our community values education and life-long learning.

Status of the project

The Beyond the Bell project is transitioning into an implementation phase with the introduction of a new governance structure to support this phase which will guide the implementation of a Regional Action Plan and six Community Action Plans. 

Local Action Groups are well established in each of the Great South Coast Local Government Areas and have driven the development of Community Action Plans to address poor of educational attainment over the past few months.


A Collective Impact Approach
The Education Attainment Project is progressing under a 'collective impact' approach as the project working group recognises that no single person, organisation or sector, however innovative or powerful can accomplish the projects goals alone.

A massive number of stakeholders are involved in the provision of programs, services and education to improve outcomes for our children and adolescents. These stakeholders often work in isolation and many have voiced their frustrations at the limited impact they are having on young people in need.

The 'collective impact' approach is a structured and disciplined way of bringing stakeholders together to work collectively and achieve more with what we already have. It requires partners to move from traditional isolated impact approaches and can lead to large scale, long term and systematic change.

Become Involved
Everyone in the community is being called upon to take action. Improving outcomes for our young people relies on families, business, community organisations, schools and all levels of government working collectively to find new ways of doing things.

If you would like to become involved or want to find out more please contact Adele Kenneally, Beyond the Bell Planning and Liaison support:

Ph: 0419 354 022    E: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Download the Beyond the Bell Regional Plan

Download the Great South Coast Year 12 or Equivalent Attainment Booklet.

Download the Year 12 Systems Framework for Optimal Outcomes.




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