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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 10:30

Great South Coast ICE Challenge

The Great South Coast ICE Challenge will ramp up next month with a Community Action Summit in Warrnambool on Friday 20 May to help address the ICE problem on the Great South Coast.

A bold, innovative, local approach to tackle the issue, the Great South Coast ICE Challenge will draw on input from Victoria Police, Local Government Areas, Government Agencies, Health, Sport, Youth / Education, Workplaces, Businesses and experts from a range of disciplines.


A Steering Committee has been formed in conjunction with the Victoria Police and includes the Great South Coast Group, Rotary International, Rotary Club of Warrnambool Daybreak Inc, Western Region Alcohol & Drug Centre (WRAD), South West Healthcare, Brophy Family & Youth Services, ACE Radio, AFL Western Victoria, Deakin University, South West TAFE, Department of Justice & Regulation, South West Aboriginal Communities, RYP International and Good Idea Advertising Pty Ltd.

The Great South Coast Ice Challenge is a systematic process which plans to address Ice Prevention by engaging with the local Community in projects and action research to develop, test and share what actions and strategies are effective.  

Five Project Teams of 10 members will be formed in each of the participating LGA’s on the Great South Coast.

The facilitated workshop process will then assist Project Teams to identify a range of actions and initiatives that will aim to help reduce the harm that is currently caused by ICE across the Great South Coast. Agreed actions and projects will be committed to by, and across the Project Teams. 

Each team will have a 30 Day follow up with a Member of the Steering Committee (post May 20th) to check in, review what is planned and engage any local key stakeholders. 

The Project Teams will have 100 days to plan and develop their actions and projects. The Steering Committee will support the Project Teams through this process. Following the 100 days, actions and projects will be publically launched at the Great South Coast Ice Challenge “Declaration Day”. Actions and Projects will be rolled out, supported and evaluated across the following 12 month period (to align with the 2016/17 financial year).

We are now seeking committed organisations and individuals to support and participate in Project Teams, provide Sponsorship, and lend expertise or “in kind” support. If you have relevant skills set and want to make a difference, please consider how you might best contribute to the Great South Coast ICE Challenge.

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