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Wednesday, 20 April 2016 10:19

Beyond the Bell seeks funding boost

The Great South Coast Group's Beyond The Bell initiative needs $1.5-million over three years to implement its whole-community approach to improving the rate of young people completing year 12 or equivalent.

The region has one of the worst rates of year 12 attainment - 57 per cent - compared with the state average of 79.6 per cent. The Great South Coast also lags behind the regional Victorian average of 65.2 per cent.

Karen Foster, Executive Officer and Adele Kenneally, Project Officer, briefed South West Coast MP Roma Britnell and Shadow Education Minister Nick Wakeling on Tuesday 19 April.

Ms Foster said a major funding commitment would give the project the "kick-start" it needed to really make a difference.

"There is no more important initiative for our region - it's a game-changer," she said.

Ms Foster said Beyond The Bell would provide the necessary support from birth to young adulthood to make a change.

Mr Wakeling applauded the community's efforts in tackling the issue.

"We have to work together as a community to break the cycle and... here unfortunately the year 12 attainment levels are not something that this community is happy with, but instead of complaining they're actually getting together as a collective and saying 'we want to do something about it'," he said.

"It's about creating a culture where communities understand the benefits of having a good education system where those in the community that don't have a favourable experience of education are supported and nurtured so that their children have the capacity and the opportunity to then obtain an education."


Media Contact: Karen Foster

20 April 2016

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