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Pillar Leader: 


David-Rae   David Rae 

   Director Corporate and Community Services

   Corangamite Shire Council









Latest Pillar News

With new Pillar Leader David Rea at the helm, this Pillar is honing its focus on three key areas – Beyond the Bell education attainment, prevention of violence against women and children and childhood obesity. It is also exploring how it can address recreation, arts and culture issues.


Pillar Group Members:

Abbie Cameron - Western District Health Service

Adele Kenneally - ASK Consulting Victoria

Amanda Nash - Timboon Hospital

Andrew Sloane - South West Sports Assembly

Anita Doyle - Beaufort & Skipton Health Service

Anne Champness - Southern Grampians Shire

Anne Horsley - Dept. Human & Human Services

Anne Murphy - Glenelg Sth Grampians LLEN

Anne Waters - Brophy Family & Youth Services

Barrie Baker - SW Community Foundation

Belinda Carroll - Glenelg Sth Grampians LLEN

Bronwyn Herbert - Southern Grampians Shire 

Brooke Love - Corangamite Shire

Caroline Byrne - South West Healthcare

Catherine Bennett - Deakin University

Catherine Darkin - Dept. Health Services

Catherine Loria - South West Healthcare

Cathryn Walder - Glenelg Sth Grampains LLEN

Cr Cathy Armstrong - Southern Grampians Shire

Christine Giles - Portland District Health Service

Craig Midgley - Moyne Shire

Craig Fraser - South West Healthcare

David Keilar - Lyndoch Living

David Lee - Moyne Health Service

David Rae - PILLAR LEADER Corangamite Shire 

Dean Robertson - Moyne Shire

Don Downes - Warrnambool Police

Doreen Power - Lyndoch Living

Emily LeeAck - Women's Health BSW

Fiona Heenan - Portland District Health

Fran Fogarty - Corangamite Shire

Francis Broekman - Brophy Family & Youth Services

Helen Bayne - Southwest PCP

Ian Williams - Colac Otway Shire

Jacinta Lenehan - South West Healthcare

Jacquie Anderton - Moyne Shire 

Jane Boyle - Brauer College

Jane Weir - Moyne Health Service

Janet Collins - Warrnambool City

Janette Lowe - Sth Grampians Glenelg PCP

Jason Thomas - Southern Grampians Shire

Jeremy Moloney - Dept Environment, Land, Water and Planning

Jodie Maybery - Glenelg Shire

John Krygger - South West Healthcare

Karyn Knight - South West PCP

Kathy Sanderson - Brophy Family & Youth Services

Kaye Scholfield - RMIT Hamilton

Kerri Erler - Regional Development Victoria

Leeona Van Duynhoven - Brophy Family & Youth Services

Lisa Hanna - Deakin University

Lisa McLeod - Warrnambool City

Lynda Smith - South West PCP

Marcus Clarke - Gunditjmara

Marcus McCormick - Regional Advance

Mardi Nestor - South West Healthcare

Maree Roberts - Health & Aged Care BSW

Marg Burke - Dept Education & Training

Mark Brennan - South West PCP

Mark Johnson - Terang Mortlake Health Service

Mark Fidge - South West Institute of TAFE

Matt Ebden - Deakin University

Meredith Ericson - Lifeline South West

Michael Fitzgerald - Warrnambool College

Mike Neoh - South West Sports Assembly

Nikita Wheaton - South West Healthcare

Owen Stephens - Casterton Memorial Hospital

Pam Anderson - SkillsPlus

Peter Lake - Dept Health and Human Services

Peter Starick - Heywood Rural Health

Richard Zerbe - Community South West

Rosie Rowe - Western District Health Service

Roslyn Cousins - Corangamite Regional Library 

Rowena Wylie - Sth Grampians Glenelg PCP

Ruth Payne - Colac Area Health

Russell Lineham - Warrnambool City

Seona Taylor - Regional Development Victoria

Shane Bell - Regional Development Victoria

Sue Morgan - Dept Health and Human Services

Terri Redpath - Deakin University

Toni Jenkins - PILLAR CHAMPION / South West LLEN

Vikki King - Warrnambool City




GSC PVAWC front cover



Prevention of Violence Against Women & Children Strategy (3MB)

The Great South Coast Board has endorsed the Great South Coast Prevention of Violence Against Women & Children Strategy as a significant project for the region.

 Priority Projects small straight

Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan 2014-19

The Great South Coast Group Inc. is charged with responsibility for rolling out the Regional Strategic Plan. 

This plan provides a blueprint for the growth and evolution of our region.

The original plan, created in 2010, was updated in 2014 with the input of the Great South Coast Board, Pillars and a range of other stakeholders.

 GSCG Pillar4

Health and Wellbeing Profile 2015

The profile draws together a wide range of population-based data and presents information about the health and wellbeing of the region's communities in a single access point for information that is otherwise scattered across a large number of publications and reports.  The profile has been prepared by the Great South Coast local government areas in partnership with the Department of Health.


Great South Coast Major Projects Cumulative Impacts Study

The Great South Coast (GSC) Cumulative Impact Study 2011 has identified 60 major investment and development projects across the GSC region, equating to $11.6 billion dollars of investment. 

The individual projects identified all have their own challenges and rewards for the proponents and the communities spread across the GSC region. The Final Report details these major projects and the overall impacts for the region.

evidence summary thumb

Education continuum 0-19:
A proposal for the Great South Coast


fya hypaf fullreport thumb

How Young People are Faring 2011 

The national report on the learning and work situation of young Australians


RegionalParticipation thumb

Regional Participation:

The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Access


studentretention thumb

Staying on at school:

Improving student retention in Australia 

barwonsouthwest aug2012 thumb

Regional Education, Skills and Jobs Plan

closingthegap thumb


thumbnail terms reference

Terms of Reference


Great South Coast Year 12 or Equivalent Attainment Booklet

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